Real Fitness is a gym that bridges the gap for people who like the convenience of 24 hour gym O'Connor access but long to actually train in a "real" gym. A gym that has proper free weights to train with quality machines, and state of the art cardio equipment. A gym where you're a name - not a number and the staff care. Real Fitness is Real Training 24/7 and our O'Connor gym facility provides:

- 24 hour O'Connor gym access and security
- A fully equipped family owned gym
- State of the art equipment from BodySolid Pro, SportsArt and Concept 2
- "Serious" free-weights
- Seperate O'connor ladies only gym
- Private shower and restrooms
- “Great mix of classes
- ...and so much more!
A family owned community gym - not a franchise like the rest, Real Fitness O'Connor is the best, biggest and cheapest 24 hour gym for people who want Real training. 

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Great gym, fantastic owner and excellent staff. What more could you ask for. As far as 24 hour gyms go real fitness is the real deal.

Dean M

Love Real fitness... changed my life, and the way i think of Gyms... Do yourself a favour.. and come on down

Karen W

Best gym I've ever used. Warm, friendly, safe and super super clean and up to date. Womens only area is great if you want some alone time and a bit of privacy. 10/10 for a family run business who care about their members and remember your name, :)

Phoebe B

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