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Your 24 Hour Gym in O’Connor

If you are looking to boost your fitness levels, get in shape and make a positive life change, choose Real Fitness. As a 24 hour gym in O’Connor, near Palmyra, we make it easy for people to work out at a time that suits them. Too often heading the gym gets put off due to work schedules, weekly errands and looking after the family. Now you can spend quality time looking after your health and your body, without missing out on important tasks and events.

As the largest 24 hour gym in the area, we ensure our members have absolutely everything they need to achieve their fitness goals and enjoy working out. We have a ladies only section, a massive selection of free weights as well as private shower and restrooms. This combined with a great range of workout equipment and weights make us the perfect place for you to transform your body and boost your fitness levels.

Need a little more motivation and support to get started? We can help you achieve your goals sooner with experienced personal trainers. With a professional personal trainer in O’Connor, you receive the tips, knowledge and support you need to make the most out of your gym sessions and achieve the body you want. Our personal trainers are confident, qualified, and ready to work with anyone regardless of their fitness level.


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If you would like to work out during times that suit you, enjoy a range of classes and get expert advice from a helpful team, our 24 hour gym near Palmyra is for you. If you would like to learn more about our facilities or how you can book sessions with a personal trainer near Melville, Fremantle or Kardinya, please contact us today.


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